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Welcome to Coral Warr Research Group

Coral’s research interests are in cellular and developmental genetics, with a focus on how cells respond to signals from their environment. Her group studies the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as it is a fantastic model organism for studying how genes function in cells and during development. –  Read More about Drosophila here

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Congratulations to Michelle Henstridge

Michelle has been awarded a NHMRC Early Career Fellowship. She now gets to spend the next four years investigating the control of insulin secretion. Well done Michelle!

Fly bunging Champions

Congratulations to all lab members who contributed the team award for the fastest fly bunging at the AusFly meeting in Warburton (September 2017), we are now the reigning champions!

PhD Submissions

Congratulations to Lauren Forbes-Beadle and Katherine Shaw for submitting their PhD theses. Further congratulations to Lauren for her first paper as first author, published in Genetics.

Butchers Burrow Escape

Congratulations to “team Bas” who managed to escape from the “Butchers Burrow” at our lab outing (May 2016).